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Don’t be deceived by the caricature looks of these little men. They are fierce and ready to rush into the battle! One of the many maps available here can become the podium for your triumph – or your last resting place. But don’t worry, you can always try again, because in Gang Beasts for two the fun never stops! Especially if it can be shared with a friend. Check which of you is stronger and more agile in a variety of locations packed with all kinds of crazy stuff. Each of them will provide you with its own opportunities and conditions for victory. To win the match, you need to push the opponent out of the map. It’s even better if the fight takes place on a high roof – in case the enemy falls down from it, they certainly won’t have a chance to climb up. Although who knows, after all, they can always cling to some ledge and surprise you with a return when you no longer expect this. Any attacks and tricks are allowed in the game, you can do whatever comes to your mind. Items that you see around can also be used – for instance, thrown down onto your unsuspecting rival or just crushed and smashed to make it all even wilder. Explore the features and perks of Gang Beats for two and fool around together with your friend!

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