Gang Beasts

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If you’re looking for something simple and fun to indulge in today, you should definitely check out Gang Beasts! This unpretentious fighting doesn’t require you to learn any sophisticated moves and remember button combinations. It is perfect for having a great time in a company of friends and it’s equally hilarious to observe the battles of gelatin men even if you’re not participating. That’s largely due to the colorful style and amazing warrior animation – you just can’t watch it without laughing.

The point of the game isn’t hard to get: several people find themselves on a small location and have to defeat the other players throwing them off the map boundaries or pushing them into dangerous zones. For local matches, the player limit is four while online battles can accommodate up to eight. There is no difference between the characters – you can change the appearance of your fighter in the menu, but it won’t affect any of the parameters. However, costumes and hat do add some personality to the rubber fellows, so why not knock yourself off?

At first, you’ll be fighting not as much to win as to get the hang of the controls. Part of the actions is performed by simply pressing the buttons, part requires you to hold them down. You can hit your opponents with your hands and even your head. And then, when they are knocked out, you can snatch the unconscious body and carry it to one of those nasty spots you don’t want to end up in or simply take it as far as possible. Sometimes, trying to eliminate the enemy, you’ll fall off the battlefield yourself. But you don’t perceive as the end of everything, after all, it’s a fun and light experience and you can always have another shot.

The game offers multiple maps that all offer unique ways to deal with your foes. Your gang will be getting to the most unusual places. It can be a series of moving trucks and you’ll have to maneuver between the tops trying to keep balance and dodging the road signs. You can experience the thrills and challenges of fighting on a flying zeppelin from where you can slip down any second. One of the greatest locations is the subway where you need to push each other under a passing train. Yes, the gameplay is pretty undemanding, but aside from quick reflexes it also wouldn’t hurt to show some tactical wits. Play Gang Beasts online and see if you can come out as a winner from a yet another incredibly thrilling and ridiculously disastrous fix!

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