Gang Beasts Unblocked

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3.8 stars

It doesn’t take a lot of brainwork to understand how things work in games like Gang Beasts – you can get it by looking at a 5 second long scene from the gameplay. Four obscure creatures (similar to marmalade cubs) hellishly arrange group dances, trying to throw the enemy into the abyss, from a truck or a Ferris wheel. Simple PvP multiplayer is the whole deep meaning. There are literally four buttons to control this plush-jelly-like creature – hit left, hit right, jump and, of course, the crown of creation to throw a strong hold from the deflection. But all this wouldn’t be so much fun without the three basic things that the whole game literally rests on.

The first of them, no doubt, is the physics of the bodies of these funny beings. They constantly twitch, behave unexpectedly, lose their balance, stumble, fall into a hole, run in a funny way, and so on and so forth. All this fills the room with absurdity and fun, and the element of surprise gives victory and loss a completely different shade, no frustration – fun for the sake of fun. The second whale of this trinity is, surprisingly, the ability to faint. It’s not a joke. From hard blows to the face, or a high fall, your little bear falls into hibernation, so to speak, for a few seconds, which is usually enough for your opponent to throw you off roofs.

Well, the pinnacle of the studio’s skill is undoubtedly the structure of the levels. Here, Double Fine showed all their game design skills – everything that can potentially make you laugh is present in the game. There are two trucks traveling in parallel, and the already mentioned ferris wheel standing on the pier, under which the floor is collapsing, and small cabs of window cleaners hanging on top of a skyscraper. No doubt everyone needs to play Gag Beasts, a lot of fun in a friendly company is provided. Especially with the unblocked version that has all the features and perks instantly available to you! Wherever you are, either at school or at work, you can rely on accessing the game just fine, out of all the limitations. With Gang Beasts unblocked, you’ll always have a window of opportunity to take a break for a while and have some amazing time, either on your own or with your buddies!

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