TABS 2020

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Battle royale games are cool! But there is one thing you might be not very pleased about them – they are so serious! What about a humorous and funny game where you have to participate in a massive fight for your life? This is a famous TABS, Truly Accurate Battle Simulator, an amazing game where you gather warriors, place them at the best places in your army, and lead them to a battle that unwraps itself fight in front of your eyes. You won’t take part in the battle itself, no, you are a captain and a watcher, so your duty ends when you arrange the army and lead it to the battlefield.
Once they appear face to face with opposing army, there is nothing you can do – the battle will proceed on its own and you will only enjoy the views. By the way, the camera here is truly amazing – there are so many angles you are welcome to check out. The best thing here surely is movement of the figures. They are so funny! They move life dolls made of socks or something that. They will remind you of a moving piece of jelly and you will surely laugh until your tummy starts hurting. The warriors in the version of TABS launched in 2020 are fighting against new enemies and have new cool skills to demonstrate. If you are ready for another session of furious battles among funny characters, then you shouldn’t miss this title for sure! Get in and have fun! It is free and available online for all visitors of our resource!

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